Resources for Girls


It is my passion and mission to inspire girls and young women to grown up to be confident, and discover their purpose. Here are some links, resources and media picks that are about motivating and empowering girls to become intelligent, confident women.

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Sites & Organizations Inspiring Girls

Links & Resources About Role Models & Inspiration for African American Girls

  • High Hopes, Good Intentions & Black Dolls - From

  • Prodigy Girls - Dolls that Inspire Girls to Dream

  • Ruby & the Booker Boys - (Post on Dreamfleur) Book series for young readers - Featuring an African American Protagonist

  • Women Who Empower Girls

    Video: Media Impact on Young Girls - Interview with Shaun Robinson

    Correspondent for "Access Hollywood" Shaun Robinson is passionate about inspiring young girls and wrote the book 'Exactly As I Am' to address issues that affect them. Watch this interview she did about her 'Exactly As I Am' philosophy. (From BraveHeartWomenTV).

    Video: "Exactly As I Am" video by Shaun Robinson -
    Teen & Tween Girls Talk About Being Confident