Friday, September 7, 2007

Little Brown Girl

This is a poem inspired by girls I've witnessed in the inner-city who seem to be losing hope because they don't know it exists. From getting pregnant as a teen to dropping out of school, my heart breaks to see any child, whatever the background, fail to see their purpose and worth. We see how women are objectified in the media and the way positive role models for African American girls are so few on TV. It's up to us - mothers, sisters, aunts and mentors - to instill confidence and faith in the next generation.

Little Brown Girl,
Why do you cry?
Why do those waterfalls,
flow from your brown eyes?
Why do you weep inside,
As your soul slowly dies?

Little Brown Girl,
How can you be
So blind and so accepting
to how the world sees
And treats you as less than Divine royalty?
Why do you give up your dreams?
Little Brown Girl, when will you be free?

Little Brown Girl,
Where is your pride?
Why do you give your heart away
And leave your treasure open wide
Why do you let them steal your gems
Until you're bleak- empty inside?

Little Brown Girl,
Who is to blame?
Who will correct them
When they call you
Out of your name?
Who will stand up
And put an end to this game?
Who will wipe your tears
and free you from this shame?

Little Brown Girl,
When will you know
That you are worth,
far more than diamonds and gold
That you are priceless,
Intelligent and beautiful
And that your Creator,
Your King, is with you
Everywhere you go?

Little Brown Girl,
Change will come,
When Little Brown Girls
Of yesterday unite as one
And through ceaseless surveillance
And lifting up of generations to come
The youth of tomorrow can be won.
Stand up Little Brown Girl
Wipe your eyes,
Walk with authority,
Your journey has just begun.