Links for Youth

Much of the work I do is to inspire young people, especially those going through difficult situations or those at risk from low-income neighborhoods. Here are resources and links about motivating our youth today.

Also see the Young Dreamers section in my blog and visit my youth motivation website

People That Support, Motivate, and Educate Youth

• Josh Shipp - Youth Motivational Speaker

Organizations That Support, Motivate, and Educate Youth

• Afro Puffs and Ponytails

• Artists for Humanity

• Do Something

• Girls for a Change

• Girl's Inc.

• G.E.M.S and Jewels Empowerment Group for Girls

• Growing Biz Kids

• Helping Our Teen Girls

• Inspired Girls

• Kids Are Heroes

• The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

• Youth Venture

• Reel Grrls

- Reel Grrls empowers young women from diverse communities to realize their power, talent and influence through media production.

Sites For Young Entrepreneurs

• Renegade CEOs

Sites For Young Social Entrepreneurs

• Do Something

• Youth Venture

Book Sites for Youth & Young Adults

• Getting Boys to Read

• Scholastic - The Stacks

• Teen Fiction Cafe

• Teen Reads

• YA Fresh

Educational Products for Children